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Lowongan Kerja di Cilacap-Kebumen-Purbalingga-Purwokerto

Update 3:15 AM.
Lokasi / Pendidikan: Lowongan Terbaru

Work with us. Live the HSBC way and make the difference. HSBC is one of the world’s leading financial services organizations, with over 9,500 offices in 79 countries and territories. Besides being recognized globally, HSBC has also been named the Best Foreign Bank in Indonesia (FinanceAsia Magazine) for seven consecutive years. HSBC is an organization that promotes diversity and equal employment opportunities, and implements meritocracy in the work place.

Relationship Staff - Consumer Finance (RS CF Cilacap/Kebumen/Purbalingga/Purwokerto)
(Jawa Tengah - Cilacap / Kebumen / Purbalingga / Purwokerto)


* The jobholder is responsible to interact with customers on a daily basis to understand individual customer profiles prior to processing applications.


* Bachelor degree from a reputable university.
* Must have good analytical and interpersonal skills, strong customer service skills and pay close attention to detail.
* Must have commercial acumen, personal credibility, a marketing orientation and drive to succeed.
* Must demonstrate a high degree of integrity.
* Must have a good command of English, both verbal and written.

Send your application to the address below and please state job code as the email subject.


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